Pollies warned about cuts

Robert Long
TAFE Organiser

State politicians heard about the dangers of cutting TAFE funding at the NSW launch of the national Stop TAFE Cuts campaign at NSW Parliament House on August 28.

Federation President Maurie Mulheron said, “There are thousands of people across NSW that rely on our high quality TAFE system or else rely on the skills of someone who has gone to TAFE. Yet despite this critical role the State Government is charting a course that will see further drastic cuts to the sector from next year.”

Australian Education Union Federal TAFE Secretary Pat Forward described the current funding crisis facing TAFE systems across Australia and the lessons NSW must learn in the campaign to stop the cuts.

She explained that across Australia there had been a dramatic increase in private for profit training organisations. This growth in private training, using public funds, has seen the quality of the vocational education and training system eroded.

All upper and lower house state politicians were invited to the launch. Politicians from the Greens, ALP and Shooters and Fishers parties, and independents attended.

Delegates from the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union, Police Association of NSW, Public Service Association, National Tertiary Education Union and Unions NSW attended, along with TAFE teachers and representatives from the National Welfare Rights Network and NSW Council of Social Service.

See video player below for the full presentation at Parliament House. All Federation members are encouraged to join the campaign at www.stoptafecuts.com.au.