Parents and teachers delivered leaflets together…P&C co-Vice President Linda Everingham and Federation Women’s Contact Alice Irvine.

Committed to the full Gonski

Michael de Wall
City Organiser

Parents at Jamisontown Public School have much incentive to keep campaigning for retention of the legislated six year schools funding model.

The Abbott Government plans to strip $42.6 million from the total federal funding currently allocated to public schools in the Lindsay electorate.

During the election period, parents from Jamisontown Public School joined teachers to distribute leaflets highlighting the funding gap between Labor’s six year funding plan and the Liberal/Nationals' four year plan.

The school's P&C co-Vice President Linda Everingham said: "Parents who know what is going on are deeply upset that the full six year Gonski funding is now at risk. We worked so hard to secure additional funding for our school. People made submissions to the review and we lobbied local politicians."

"The Gonski Review showed that our education system was under-funded. The Federal Government recognised this, passed legislation and committed to a six year Gonski implementation plan."

"Fiona Scott [now Liberal MP] needs to explain why she is committed to stripping millions of dollars from education funding to schools. All we want is for Ms Scott to guarantee the full six year Gonski deal."

Relieving principal Kelly Sydney-Jones explained to the local media how the full Gonski package would significantly benefit students at Jamisontown Public School.

"The funding model would enable the staff to best meet the learning needs of all pupils," Mrs Sydney-Jones said. "We just want this certainty for our school community."