Strong foundations built

Parents at Fairfield PS are keen to see the implementation of a six-year Gonski schools funding model.

Amber Flohm
Multicultural Officer/Organiser

Fairfield Teachers Association activists plan to build on the positive relationships fostered with parents and other community members over public education funding.

During the federal election campaign teachers were able to reach out to parents and community members with Gonski schools funding information printed in community languages.

The booklets were an essential campaigning tool at several events, including Fairfield Teachers Association’s Gonski schools funding stall at Fairfield Markets on August 31, where parents and community members actively engaged in discussions around increased funding for public schools in the McMahon electorate.

Public education supporters spoke to Canley Vale Public School parents in Chinese, Vietnamese and Khmer to explain the impact of Gonski funding on their school and electorate, while handing out Federation’s community languages brochure for use with their wider community.

Parents were also presented with copies of the community languages booklet at a Gonski community event at Fairfield Public School. This was the link to engaging parents in discussions about schools funding.

At a Fairvale Public School P and C meeting parents asked questions about schools funding. Some parents said they would talk to family members and friends when attending their places of worship. Two families took Gonski corflute signs for their front yards.

Arabic and Vietnamese communities were also made aware of the schools funding issue via Fairfield Teachers Association-funded advertisements in Arabic and Vietnamese newspapers.

Federation's schools funding campaign was further boosted by significant engagement with the local media in Fairfield, as well as regional P and C

Fairfield teachers concluded their amazing activism and efforts by leafleting at the four largest polling booths in McMahon. Federation thanks Fairfield activists for their long term commitment and activism for their local school communities and public school funding.