Tell us your discrimination story

Anna Uren
Relieving Women’s Coordinator

Federation needs input from members for its submission to the Human Rights Commission’s pregnancy and return to work national review.

If you have experienced discrimination or difficulty in accessing your entitlements related to pregnancy, parental leave or returning to work, and you are prepared to share your story, write a brief description of your experience and email it to, marked to the attention of the Women’s Coordinator. Please include your contact details if you are prepared to answer any follow-up questions or provide more detail.

There will be no obligation to participate in the inquiry and should you choose to share your story, you will not need to be identified in the submission.

Despite the existence of laws and policies designed to protect people from discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy or returning to work, many people continue to face challenges in this area. In schools and TAFE colleges, this may include: failing to secure temporary or part-time casual employment; experiencing difficulties in negotiating part-time work around child care; or facing resistance to access to lactation breaks.

The aims of the Human Rights Commission’s review include:

  • to understand the prevalence, nature and impacts of pregnancy and return to work discrimination
  • to engage stakeholders to understand different experiences
  • to identify exemplar employers and practices in supporting parents returning to work from parental leave
  • to provide recommendations to address pregnancy and return to work discrimination.