Is this task a requirement?

Michelle Rosicky
Acting Assistant General Secretary (Schools)

Schools only need to keep three student work samples for years 10 and 11 courses on the Board of Studies’ “Retaining student work samples” list.

While the Board of Studies’ list has grown since 2012 the need to keep the work samples is not as some teachers have been led to believe.

If any new work is expected teachers should seek explanation from the supervisor asking for it. Asking the supervisor to “show it to me in writing” is always a good starting point. That said, teachers need to ensure written advice is from a credible source for example the Board of Studies or the Department. Interrogate further if the written advice is locally or regionally produced, as sometimes these documents can be pieces of creative writing.

Student work samples

In 2013, courses requiring three student work samples are year 10 English, Mathematics and Science and 11 preliminary HSC courses.

The Board of Studies states the purpose of work samples is to “strengthen the consistency of teacher professional judgement in relation to statewide standards” for RoSA. The Board also wants to monitor the pattern of grades awarded by schools and may ask schools to review their grades.

The three work samples should represent the upper, middle and lower range of achievement.

Search for “Retaining student work samples — information for schools” on the Board of Studies’ website for more information.