Support for fire affected teachers

Many communities have been devastated by the recent bushfires across NSW. Federation is aware that a number of teachers have lost their homes and/or suffered damage to property as a result of the bushfires.

Federation offers its support to affected members. Individual members and Federation Representatives in need of further advice should contact the Federation’s Communications Centre on 1300 654 369 (toll free) or their Organiser.

The Executive of the union has resolved to offer the following financial assistance to those teachers directly affected by the bushfires:

  • Members suffering financial hardship can apply for an exemption of up to six months from their contributions to the union. Written applications would need to be made by the individual member, explaining their circumstances
  • In addition, on application, individual members can apply for an ex-gratia payment of up to $500 to cover those teaching resources lost in the fire not covered by other forms of general insurance. This too is by individual application to the Federation.

Federation has been in contact with other teacher service organisations such as Teachers Federation Health, Teachers Mutual Bank and ME Bank and offers the following information about the financial assistance being offered by these organisations:

Teachers Federation Health

To support our members directly impacted by October’s devastating bushfires in NSW, Teachers Health Fund wishes to announce an assistance package for eligible members.

Members adversely and directly impacted by the fires can receive up to six months contribution relief on their Teachers Health Fund membership.

To ensure that Teachers Health Fund remains compliant with the Private Health Insurance Act, impacted members will be required to submit a written application for assistance. For more information or to determine your eligibility for assistance, please contact us on 1300 728 288.

Teachers Mutual Bank

Teachers Mutual Bank is aware that there are a number of public school teachers affected by the bushfire crisis. A significant number of our members reside in impacted areas and we are committed to supporting members in these areas as well as the wider education sector.

We are providing our members with a special support package which includes:

  • a $500 payment to each member whose home has been lost
  • repayment assistance
  • provision of emergency credit
  • replacement (fee-free) of cards lost or damaged as a result of the fires.

More information can be obtained directly from Teachers Mutual Bank on 131 221.

ME Bank

Federation understands that ME Bank has already contacted more than a thousand customers in affected areas to offer financial support, including:

  • stopping interest charges on home loans for three months for customers who have requested assistance
  • waiving fees and break costs to access savings in term deposits
  • priority for credit card limit increase applications and additional funds on credit cards
  • halting collection letters to customers in arrears in impacted areas.

For more information contact ME Bank directly on 131 563.

Once again Federation offers its support to teachers and schools in affected areas of the state and encourages members to contact our Communications Centre to seek further information or advice.