A simpler approach is needed

It is hard to understand the logic in cancelling the passports of Australian “Islamists” who are determined to fight their cause, preferably in the Middle East but are prevented from leaving the country.

Australia sends defence force personnel and equipment overseas to, in effect, fight Islamic radicals (and others) who have left Australia for that purpose.

The American military objects to Australian forces participating in Iraq and eventually relents.

Now it seems as though America will ask for more Australian forces on the ground in Iraq.

A far simpler approach is to cancel the passports of those who leave the country to fight with ISIS and then retain Australia’s defence commitment at home acting in the best interests of this country. Already the frustrated Islamists prevented from leaving Australia are carrying on the fight here even among themselves.

Surely this policy would be preferable to losing more Australian defence personnel lives overseas and wearing out so much expensive equipment, which has been the policy for so many years.

No wonder Australia has a budget deficit.

The underlying problem for Australia since World War 2 has been and still is, “jump when America says jump”.

Bill Barwood