Keep in touch and up to date

Kate Ambrose
Membership and Training Officer

Keep your membership records in order.

As the school year draws to an end there are many members who will be looking for a transfer, a new temporary teaching engagement, or some casual teaching after moving to a new area. At the beginning of the year many teachers go on leave and others return from leave.

Whatever your situation, it is imperative that your membership with Federation is in the correct category; that it correctly reflects your category of employment. For example, if you have been successful in gaining a permanent position for the first time, make sure that you upgrade your membership to reflect your permanency, whether it is full-time or part-time.

If your membership is currently in the casual teacher category and you know that you will be engaged in a temporary position in 2015, make sure you upgrade your membership from casual to temporary.

If you are going on part time leave, you can reduce your fees to reflect the number of days you do work each week. If you are going on leave with no pay, you can apply for an exemption of your fees until you return to paid work. Please ensure you apply for an exemption or reduction in fees in writing.

Federation subscription rates are an acknowledgement of teachers’ different working situations. The different rates are based on how often you work and the security of your position.

Please make sure that you are in the correct membership category to ensure you are protected.

Do not hesitate to contact the membership section of the Federation if you are unsure of your current category of membership. Email or phone 1300 654 363.

Go online to update

Moved house? Moved workplace? Do you have a new mobile number or email address? Your union relies on the contact details you provide to send you up to date information. Please make sure your contact details are up to date at all times. You can update your details online via the Members’ area of the Federation website or through the Federation Card App. You will need to know your password to access the Members’ area; if you don’t know or have forgotten your password please contact the Membership team on 1300 654 363 to obtain a new password. The better informed the Federation, the better informed its members.