Award winner has eye for quality and efficacy

Mary Fogarty
Research Officer

Head teacher Carly-Jane Boreland.

Identifying models of exemplary practice in quality assessment and effective reporting is Elizabeth Macarthur High School teacher Carly-Jane Boreland’s ambition when she visits Ontario and San Diego.

Carly-Jane has been awarded Federation’s Eric Pearson Study Grant for 2015 which provides for travel, accommodation and expenses associated for her proposed study. She chose the North American cities as their school systems are comparable to NSW in terms of scale, culture and student complexity.

The Eric Pearson Study Grant is awarded annually to a Federation member who wishes to undertake a study of an issue of particular relevance and benefit to the union. Carly-Jane’s study will inform Federation’s implementation of the 2014 Annual Conference decision on curriculum, assessment and reporting.

Carly-Jane is a Human Society and its Environment and Languages other than English head teacher.

She is a Councillor for Camden-Campbelltown Teachers Association plus Federation’s representative for the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) 11–12 History Curriculum Committee; BOSTES Quality Teaching Council; and BOSTES Initial Teacher Education Committee.

She has been a presenter for the Centre for Professional Learning since 2013.