Teachers urged to save building for education

The heritage-listed Education building.

Members are asked to protest against the Baird Government’s decision to offer a 99-year lease on the Department of Education and Communities' headquarters.

In 1990 the Greiner government backed away from its plan to sell the Education building at 35-39 Bridge Street, Sydney following widespread protests and a candlelight vigil outside the building by parents, teachers, students and public servants.

The Government proposes the heritage-listed building could be used as a high-end boutique hotel.

Federation President Maurie Mulheron previously said: “To see the Bridge Street building turned into a hotel or casino would be an insult to teachers and educators who have worked in the building.

“Attempts to shift education out of the CBD are about diminishing the status of public education. Public education’s headquarters are in a strong, proud building in the middle of the city and moving it into rental accommodation would put it out of sight, out of mind,” he also said.

Federation urges members to email Premier Mike Baird, Education Minister Adrian Piccoli and local MP opposing the Government’s plan for the Education building.

35-39 Bridge Street, Sydney houses rolls of honour that list the teachers and educators who served their country in war.