Sign up to back clean schools

Joan Lemaire
Senior Vice President

Cleaners anxious to prevent cuts in new contracts.

Current school cleaning contracts include a clause requiring cleaning companies to commit to savings by cutting the cleaning hours, United Voice Assistant Secretary Mel Gatfield told October Council.

“We need the whole community standing with cleaners to support no further cuts to cleaning hours,” she said.

The current cuts to cleaning hours have reduced the number of cleaners and/or the time they can spend cleaning schools. These cuts have already impacted on the cleanliness and hygiene standards at schools.

Members at Annual Conference called for Federation to meet with United Voice to discuss how Federation can work to support United Voice’s Clean Schools campaign. Ms Gatfield’s address to Council described United Voice’s strategy to prevent further cuts.

She urged teachers to join the campaign at and show support for no further cuts by signing on to the Clean Schools Pledge. The pledge can be signed by cleaners, principals, teachers and the P&C. Federation Representatives and Workplace Committees may also decide to call a meeting of members to endorse the pledge. Once signed a copy or photograph of the pledge should be forwarded to United Voice will then send a “Clean School” sign to each school to help raise the profile of the campaign within each school community.

Support for the campaign is vital in the lead-up to the NSW election to prevent any newly elected government including further cost savings and cuts in new contracts due to commence in 2016.

Clean Schools pledge

We believe:

  • Our kids and young people deserve clean, safe and hygienic school facilities for the best education.
  • There should be no more cuts to school cleaning hours. School cleaning hours have been cut under the current government contract. There is nothing left to cut except quality, safety and hygiene.
  • Schools should be cleaned by dedicated cleaners who know the school and the community.
  • Cleaners should be well trained, have proper equipment, replaced when they’re on leave and given the time to do a great job.