Pay rates set to rise

Rod Brown
Acting General Secretary

New rates subject to consideration by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

Teachers look set to receive further salary increases of 0.27 per cent next year and 0.35 per cent in 2016 in lieu of postponed increases to the Superannuation Guarantee.

The new rates, agreed to by Federation, the Department of Education and Communities and a number of other NSW public sector agencies where teachers work, are subject to consideration by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

If the proposed adjustments are approved teachers can expect a 2.27 per cent (up from 2 per cent) salary increase from January 1, 2015 and a 2.5 per cent salary (up from 2.15 per cent) from the first pay period in January 2016.

During negotiations in 2013 regarding the current awards and enterprise agreements covering teachers in schools, TAFE colleges, Corrective Services Centres, Adult Migrant English Service, and the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards, the Federation received undertakings that should increases in the Superannuation Guarantee be postponed the salary rates under those awards and agreements would be adjusted.

On July 1 this year the Superannuation Guarantee was increased from 9.25 per cent to 9.5 per cent with no further scheduled increases before July 2021. At the time the teacher awards and agreements were negotiated scheduled increases were to occur each year until 2019, which would have taken the Superannuation Guarantee to 12 per cent.

While awards and agreements covering teachers come into effect from the beginning of January each year the most recent change to the Superannuation Guarantee occurred in July this year. This means the salary increase due in January next year will be partially discounted because of the overlapping impact of this year's increase in the Superannuation Guarantee.