Be green go to Bali

Create “Good Habits for a Healthy Planet” by letting your students join Enviroweek from August 24–30 on teachers who register before May 31 will enter a draw to win a seven-day trip for two to a villa in Bali, Summer Moon. Cool Australia is releasing Early Learning, Primary and Secondary award-winning curriculum-linked resources for Enviroweek. At teachers will find more resources, the AEU Policy on the Environment, a paper on carbon emission reductions, campaign action sites etc.

Primary class outing to Olympic Park

Primary school students can be taught the concept of environment through “Our Place”, a field trip through Bicentennial Park at Sydney Olympic Park. The excursion gives firsthand insight into the animals and plants that inhabit the wetlands, how to care for them, compare natural and built environments, and how the park recycles its rubbish and water. The excursion goes for two hours, twice a day, costs $11.90 per student and can be booked by calling (02) 9714 7888. Key learning outcomes can be downloaded from the Sydney Olympic Park website.