Have your say for positive change

All members are urged to participate in the latest People Matter survey as the data collected is a very powerful agent for change in workplace culture and organisational improvements.

Data from the previous survey informed a number of projects and policies including anti-bullying strategies, assisting the inclusion of disabled employees and improvements in organisational communication.

The current survey has a free text box for participants to add their own comments around a range of issues. Feel free to digress on issues such as the harmful practices under devolution, shrinking school budgets, teachers' out-of-pocket expenses, lack of transfer of promotion opportunities and lack of part-time leave opportunities for older workers wanting to transition to retirement. Have your say on what matters to you in your employment and workplace.

The survey is being conducted by the Public Service Commission, which is charged by legislation to collect data about various aspects of the NSW public service. Information collected is confidential and no information can be linked back to an individual employee. The union has been assured that the information is being collected by an independent research company who is bound by legislative protections to privacy under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

The survey should take about 30 minutes to complete. If you cannot complete the survey in one sitting you can save the partially completed survey only if you have established a password at the beginning. If you lose or forget the password you will have to begin again. During the survey click the “return later” link and use your password to return to where you left off.

Members received a link to the survey on May 5 via their DEC portal email address.

More information is available at http://www.psc.nsw.gov.au/About-the-Public-Sector/People-Matter-Employee-Survey.

The survey closes on May 30.