Academic equivalence option for head teacher

Mary Fogarty
Research Officer

Head teacher applicants who do not satisfy eligibility requirements based on their academic qualifications can apply to have their eligibility determined on an assessment of equivalence.

Applications for an assessment of equivalence should be submitted to the Department of Education and Communities’ Director, Staffing Services. The Director will forward the application to the Head Teacher Qualifications Committee who will assess the application and make recommendations regarding the eligibility of the applicant.

Federation has a representative on the committee, which meets once a fortnight during term to consider applications.

The role of the committee includes determining whether the training, skills and experience of a teacher whose qualifications do not meet the requirements are the equivalent of the academic requirements set out in 2.1 of Eligibility Requirements for Head Teacher Positions in NSW Government Schools.

In making the assessment the committee considers:

  • tertiary academic studies — provide a transcript from the institution you attended, and highlight the subjects you believe will have a bearing on assessing their equivalence
  • teaching methodology studies — provide a transcript
  • teaching experiences — include reference to teaching any subject that relates to the faculty area for which you are applying. You should list the subjects, levels taught and the years you have taught the subject
  • TAFE courses/certificates — provide transcripts detailing subjects and where possible a copy of your diploma/certificate
  • Departmental courses — present some evidence, such as a certificate, of courses that relate to the head teacher category for which you are applying
  • membership of Board of Studies, Teaching and Education Standards committees — provide some documentary evidence of this and the period in which you were a member
  • participation in HSC marking — list the courses marked and the period of time for which you marked them
  • Other professional development — list anything you think might be relevant, including any documentation that might assist the committee in determining relevance.

It is most important that any information supplied about teaching experience is verified by your principal.