Your thoughts on TAFE

Past, present and future TAFE students are asked to participate in a House of Representative’s Standing Committee on Education and Employment survey.

The committee wants to identify what students believe are the most important areas of the TAFE system, how they believe their qualifications are recognised, and any shortfalls that they see the TAFE system has.

Committee Chair Ewen Jones MP said students’ opinions are a valuable part of the inquiry, especially as they are the future of the Australian workforce.

“It is important to capture how students feel about their TAFE system. Students are future employees, managers and business owners and an integral part of this inquiry is to support them to achieve their education and employment goals,” he said.

“Feedback from students via this survey will enable the committee to gain a different insight into the TAFE system that could be lacking through other evidence gathering methods.”

The survey can be found via the Parliament of Australia website.