Scholarship winners, left, Robert Low (with family), Ann-Maree Maunder, Rhea O'Donnell (top) and Gabrielle Wallace.

Future teachers get boost

Rachel Fisk
Teachers Mutual Bank

Seven Australian students’ teaching aspirations have been given a financial boost, each receiving a $5000 Future Teachers Scholarship from Teachers Mutual Bank.

Recipients included Ann-Maree Maunder, Rhea O’Donnell, Robert Low and Gabrielle Wallace from NSW.

All will be able to put their scholarship funds towards educational expenses and resources.

Teachers Mutual Bank chief executive officer Steve James said: “We want to help ease the load and allow aspiring teachers to focus on their university studies.”

“As a mutual bank we believe profit has a purpose and that we have a responsibility to support our community. The Future Teachers Scholarships allow us to help those future teachers who are facing a particular financial challenge on their journey to becoming a teacher.”

Robert Low, a father of two, left a full-time job in civil construction to pursue a career in teaching.

“This scholarship will significantly ease the financial burden that my university studies place on my family,” he said.

Kate Archibald said: “With a 14 week unpaid work placement coming up I was quite stressed about money and being able to work enough to support myself, so a huge worry has been lifted”.

Ann-Maree Maunder moved from Tamworth to Sydney to study teaching, working part time to make ends meet.

“This scholarship removes a big financial burden. I can now focus more on my studies and becoming the best teacher I can be,” she said.

All the recipients share a passion for education and although having differing career goals they all see teaching as their opportunity to make a positive impact on their students and our community as a whole.

Rhea O’Donnell said: “If I am able to make a difference in the life of even one child I will be happy and all of the late nights, essay deadlines and exams will have been worth it.”

Teachers Mutual Bank believes teachers do one of the most important jobs in the world and understands the need to support and nurture our future teachers. Since its launch in 2009 the Future Teacher Scholarship program has provided a total of $175,000 to 35 deserving students.