Long-term funding for long-term results, school urges

Coffs Harbour HS staff send emails to Prime Minister Tony Abbott for a re-think on Gonski.

Without new funding a program assisting year 9 Aboriginal students at Coffs Harbour High School with their writing skills is at risk, the school’s community has told the Senate Select Committee’s schools funding inquiry.

The school’s Federation workplace committee invited all staff and the local P&C president to contribute to a submission to the inquiry. In addition to the group submission individuals logged on to igiveagonski.com.au and sent an email to Prime Minister Tony Abbott urging him to commit to the full six years of Gonski funding.

Workplace committee member Kristin Vlasto wrote: “The external funding is about to run out and it would be fantastic if we could continue and expand this successful program to include all junior years”.

The submission outlined Gonski funding would provide financial assistance for students who are not able to attend school excursions, training to assist mainstream teachers to more fully support ESL students and education resources are also on the school’s wish list.

“Our results will not improve if we don’t implement a fairer funding model based on student need. Teachers are doing the best they can but there is a sense that we could do so much more if we had the funding to implement long-term programs for long-term results,” Ms Vlasto wrote.

Submissions to the inquiry close on March 21.