Age retirement and workers compensation

Rod Brown
Carol Howard

Eligibility for weekly workers compensation benefits cease at when a person is eligible to receive the age pension — currently age 65.

In the past women were eligible for the age pension from age 60 while it has always been 65 for men. Some years ago the eligibility age for women started to increase and has, since January 1, been the same as for men, that is, age 65.

It should be noted that from July 1, 2017 the eligibility age for the age pension will increase by six months each year until July 1, 2023 when it is scheduled to apply from age 67.

If an employee aged 65 or older is injured and work was a substantial contributing factor, the worker is entitled to weekly payments for up to 12 months after the first date of incapacity. The payments are limited to one year because they can access the aged

Rod Brown is Assistant General Secretary (Research and Industrial) and Carol Howard is a Welfare Officer.