Terry Moriarty
Amber Flohm


I was employed as a casual for a two-week block covering a teacher on leave from the start of a school term. During these two weeks the teacher I was replacing relinquished the position. The Department of Education and Communities (DEC) informed the school the position would not be filled until the beginning of the next term. Can I apply to have this work changed to a temporary appointment?


Where a teacher was initially employed as a casual teacher, in a position where the school did not know it would be vacant for four weeks or more, but the engagement was extended subsequently because the position became vacant for a further four weeks or more, the DEC will undertake a conversion from casual to temporary.

This conversion will occur from the date it became known that the position would be vacant for a further four weeks (or more). If it did not occur at that time it would be applied retrospectively to that date.

Note: When a teacher requests a conversion from casual to temporary the DEC will advise the teacher in writing of their conversion entitlements (an over or under-payment) including a detailed calculation sheet, including information provided to the Australian Tax Office by the DEC.

This advice is general in nature and members should contact Federation for advice and/or support in specific situations. Terry Moriarty is a Relief Officer and Amber Flohm is the Multicultural Officer/Organiser.

Casual and Temporary Teachers Handbook

Federation’s Casual and Temporary Teachers Handbook contains outlines conditions and addresses commonly asked questions. This handbook is also accessible on our website at