Colour carries message

Mel Smith
Country Organiser and Officer attached to GLBTI Issues

All schools and educational settings need to be places in which every young person, including same-sex attracted and gender questioning (or “rainbow”) young people, feel safe. Wear It Purple is a student-led initiative to create change by promoting this idea and the message that “you have the right to be proud of who you are”.

On Wear It Purple Day this year, August 29, many schools and thousands of students will be wearing purple to show that a school environment should make every student feel safe, supported and free to be proud of who they are.

Every school involved in the day does something specific to the school, and Wear It Purple, an Australian-founded and Sydney-run organisation, encourages the day to be driven by students. It works closely with schools and provides a number of services to empower young people in school.

Wear it Purple seeks to make participation in the campaign as simple and attainable as possible, offering a broad range of support and resources for use on the day. They include:

  • presentations and workshops
  • wristbands
  • promotion material (posters and information resources)
  • merchandise.

Wear it Purple Day is also about community engagement, public promotion and support. Getting the message out as far and wide as possible is crucial to showing support to rainbow young people everywhere.

Wear it Purple hosts and encourages a number of events and invites a broad range of organisations to wear purple wherever they are, including workplaces, health and community organisations and tertiary institutions.

These groups are encouraged to spread the aims of the campaign and display posters in support of same-sex attracted and gender-diverse young people so that they can experience publicly positive outpourings of support. This support will help create holistic supportive environments.

Wear It Purple encourages people to engage in the day through social media, seeking to connect with those who might not be able to reach the events and school programs in Australia. They can connect through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

To host a Wear It Purple Day event in your school, TAFE or other educational setting and to find resources, register with Wear It Purple at