Elections at March Council

Nominations are called for the following positions.

Nominations close at noon on Wednesday March 12.

For a nomination form please contact Janet Pether on (02) 9217 2100 or 1300 654 369.

The term of office is one year unless otherwise stated.

Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards
Special Education Advisory Committee (2)

Affiliated organisations
Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition (1)
Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (1)
Ethnic Communities Council (4)
Justice Action (1)
Friends of the Earth (1)
Hiroshima Day Committee (3)
National Parks Association (1)
Nature Conservation Council (1)
NSW Aboriginal Education Council (1)
NSW Council of Social Services (1)
NSW Public Sector Employees Super Committee (1)
Oxfam Australia (1)
People for Nuclear Disarmament (1)
Refugee Council of Australia (1)
Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition (2)
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA (1)
United Nationals Association of Australia (NSW Division) (1)
Welfare Rights Centre (1)
Workers Educational Association (1)
Workers Health Centre (1)

All representatives on these affiliated bodies will be required to complete a written report on the work of the organisation/s by October 2014. This will include reasons why the affiliation should continue in 2015.

Federation Restricted Committees
The term of office for these positions is two years unless otherwise stated.
Administrative Officers Committee (4)
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (6)
Officers, Consultants and Advisers (1) until March 2015

DEC committees/bodies
Director-General’s Advisory Group for Multicultural Education and Training (AGMET) (1)
Consultative Committee for Special Religious Education (1)
Director-General’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee (1 secondary, 1 primary)
Schools Sports Foundation Grants Panel (2) — 2 years

DEC appeals panels
The term of office for these positions is two years.
Primary/SSP Appeals Panel (1 alternates)
Non-school based teaching positions Appeals Panel (1 alternate)