Applications for the 2-week Anna Stewart Program open

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project is an affirmative program action aimed at developing the skills, knowledge and confidence of women members and empowering them to be actively involved in Federation in their workplace, local association or state level.

How does the Federation’s Anna Stewart Program work?

There are two variations on the Anna Stewart Program. They are:

1. The two-week program:

  • Monday April 28– Friday May 9
  • Monday May 26 – Friday June 6
  • Monday July 28 – Friday August 8
  • Monday September 8 – Friday September 19

2. The full term program — one position available during term 4 each year.

You are required to undertake a project based on an Annual Conference decision or you may wish to develop a project based on an issue which is relevant to women members.

All financial women members of the Federation are eligible to apply. Applications are available on the Federation website or by contacting the Women’s Coordinator Charmaine O’Sheades on 1300 654 369 or (02) 9217 2100.

Do not let your location in relation to Sydney prevent you from nominating for the Anna Stewart Program. Country members are encouraged to nominate, and if you are selected, Federation will provide accommodation.

What do Anna Stewart temporary officers do?

As an Anna Stewart Officer you will be given the opportunity to work with a range of Federation Officers to develop an understanding of the processes and practices in our dealings with the Department of Education and Communities and to observe Federation campaigns.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • attend meetings with the Department (and other organisations)
  • attend school and association meetings
  • observe cases in the industrial commission
  • prepare journal articles and research issues of concern to women
  • attend other unions' meetings — such as Unions NSW
  • work alongside substantive officers of the Federation.

So if you think this is the program for you, please consider applying for one of the available positions.