Sick leave

Janet Hannaford
Welfare Officer

I applied for sick leave and provided a certificate from my physiotherapist to say I attended a session but it was rejected. What can I do?

You should appeal and provide a replacement certificate from your physiotherapist that indicates the special circumstances that required you to take time off work.

Medical certificates are most commonly provided by a registered medical practitioner. However, a certificate issued by other health practitioners may cover absences of up to five days where special circumstances are explained on the certificate.

According to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW), a practitioner means an individual who practises one of the following professions or speciality: chiropractic; dental (including the profession of a dentist, dental therapist, dental hygienist, dental prosthetist and oral health therapist); medical; nursing and midwifery; optometry; osteopathy; pharmacy; physiotherapy; podiatry; psychology; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practice; Chinese medicine; medical radiation practice; or occupational therapy.

Absences in excess of five days should be supported by a certificate from a registered medical practitioner, that is, your specialist or general practitioner.

Further information can be obtained from the Teachers Handbook section 4.11, the Members’ area on Federation’s website, or contact Communications on 1300 654 367 for a copy of Federation’s Welfare and information leaflet L6 Sick leave to be emailed, faxed or posted to you.

This is general information. If you require specific information relating to your own personal circumstances ring Communications/Welfare on 1300 654 367.