No change to monitoring of HSC requirements

Michelle Rosicky and Jack Galvin Waight

Mandatory requirements for the HSC and the monitoring of the delivery of HSC courses remain the same despite the release of the Departmental memo “Monitoring of Higher School Certificate requirements for 2014”.

The only signature required on any HSC monitoring document is that of the principal. The document that the principal must sign confirms that the teachers and school have met their requirements as per Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) regulations and that students have been provided specific documentation. This signed document is a school’s response to mandatory HSC requirements and is not an individual teacher’s responsibility.

As to how any school has comfort that these requirements have been met must be negotiated at the local level. If a school decides to develop a local monitoring process, for example teachers having a monitoring folder, that is not necessarily a problem as long as a number of factors are considered, discussed and a procedure developed. Factors requiring consideration include: what policies and procedures already exist in the school, so as to reduce duplication; unnecessary or cumbersome procedures; forms of the HSC delivered at school, that is academic, vocational education and training or Life Skills; level of experience of the teachers delivering the courses; security of collected data; and so on.

Supporting the Higher School Certificate, referred to in the memo, can be problematic as in some circumstances it has created a perception that it has mandatory status. This is not the case. Instead, Supporting the Higher School Certificate is one of a number of suggested procedures that a school “may” choose to use.

Federation asserts that all the teachers involved in delivering a HSC course should be party to a collegial consultative process to develop what is the school’s "best practice" to meet the HSC mandatory requirements.

If the school’s executive is resistant to opening up this consultation around HSC monitoring then the school’s workplace committee may be able to assist in this process. For further advice on this matter or for assistance in setting up your school’s workplace committee contact your local Organiser.

Michelle Rosicky and Jack Galvin Waight are Organisers.