New teacher performance
procedures to be developed

Gary Zadkovich
Deputy President

As agreed in the schools salaries and conditions settlement a new performance and development framework for teachers, executives and principals is to be jointly developed by Federation and the Department during 2014, for implementation in semester 1, 2015.

Related to this is the development of revised teacher efficiency procedures. Federation is to be consulted by the Department on the policy advice, support materials and training to support the implementation of these revised procedures.

Unlike the performance and development framework, the revised efficiency procedures are scheduled to be implemented from the start of term 3 this year. This is somewhat incongruous, however, as it was agreed between the parties that the teacher efficiency procedures “will be positioned within the broader context of a school’s performance and development processes and professional learning platform”.

While it would have been preferable for revised efficiency procedures to be developed in conjunction with the performance and development framework on the same timeline, it is hoped that much of this work can be done concurrently in the first half of this year.

It is important that schools do not change or deviate from the current processes for the Teacher Assessment Review Schedule (TARS), Executive Assessment Review Schedule (EARS) and Principal Assessment Review Schedule (PARS), until the new efficiency procedures are ready for implementation.

Federation intends to work closely with the Department to ensure that clear advice is provided to schools on the transition from current procedures to the revised ones. If difficulties arise in this regard, members should contact their school’s Organiser in the first instance, for advice and support.