Short submission to TAFE inquiry would be sweet

All Australians are being urged to write a submission to the Senate Inquiry into TAFE.

Submissions close on March 7.

Australian Education Union Federal TAFE Secretary Pat Forward said: “Submissions do not have to be long. They can be a paragraph, a few hundred words.”

Ms Forward suggests submissions should talk about personal experiences with TAFE and why TAFE is important.

“Generations of Australians have gone to TAFE to help get a job, to help get to university, to learn to read and write, to find a safe place to learn, to realise a dream, to have another go — to become part of a community and a society.”

Ms Forward said there had been some great comments from people signing up to the Stop TAFE Cuts website at which would make great submissions to the Inquiry.

“These comments come from the heart, and from the important place of people's own experience. They are powerful and they are compelling. They will make politicians think, and they will help make a difference,” she said.

“The Senate Inquiry is a great opportunity to turn the spotlight onto TAFE. Please get involved,” Ms Forward said.

Information about how to make a submission to the Inquiry and factsheets to assist with your submission are available at

The Inquiry was established late last year. Earlier in 2013 a House of Representatives Inquiry into TAFE saw a record number of submissions, but the Inquiry couldn’t beat the inevitable federal election, and it concluded without making a report.

Submissions made to the House of Representatives Inquiry will be used in the Senate Inquiry but Ms Forward urges supplementary submissions.

The Senate Inquiry will conduct public hearings in capital cities and some regional centres and report on May 13.

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