$2000 in entitlements win for TAFE teacher

Kathy Nicholson
TAFE Organiser

Good record keeping and Federation advocacy has assisted a part-time casual teacher to recoup more than $2000 in unpaid entitlements.

The Federation member contacted the union complaining he had been underpaid a significant amount because he had been pressured into approving his teacher program diary without claiming related duties.

Related duties are an entitlement under clause 37.7 of the TAFE Commission of NSW Teachers and Related Employees Enterprise Agreement 2013. Any part-time casual teacher working 10 hours or more per week is entitled to claim related duties provided they attend to perform the duties. Related duties are paid at the teaching rate.

In this case the part-time casual teacher had taken sick leave for surgery and upon his return firstly had his hours cut significantly and then had his related duties refused by the head teacher. This occurred over 10 weeks. Luckily the member kept good records. He was able to provide the union with copies of his teacher program diary and diary entries of his work so the union was able to advocate effectively on his behalf.

The very pleased member was paid his 30 hours of related duties just before Christmas.

If you are a part-time casual TAFE teacher and are experiencing similar problems, or simply have questions about your entitlements, contact Federation on (02) 9217 2100. Alternatively, the Organiser can come to your college and provide a “Know Your Rights at Work” morning or afternoon tea information session.