Bill Gillespie
Rosemary McDowall

The Adobe Education Exchange recently celebrated its fifth anniversary so we thought we might bring it to the attention of our readers. If you are using any Adobe products in your classroom or you even just want to come up to speed with any Adobe product, then you must visit the Adobe Education Exchange. It is free to join and is a huge repository for educational needs.

It is a platform for communication and collaboration. It fosters creativity in classrooms by connecting educators through professional learning opportunities, teaching resources, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

The Adobe Education Exchange supports a huge community of more than 210,000 members from 215 countries and some 36,216 community connections.

This creative education community is strong and growing. Connecting with a worldwide community strengthens the bonds of the teaching profession and inspires creativity in the classroom, the school and the community.

The Exchange is divided into sections called Resources, Community, Discussion and Professional Development. Once you become a member of the Exchange you will receive an additional My Exchange menu tab where you can track your learning and resources. You can also earn badges for participation.

The Resources tab offers four options. The first three are for searching or browsing through the resources. You can search by subject, year levels and product.

If, for example, you decide to look for some English resources, you will be shown all the English resources on the website. Then you can narrow your search by selecting a year level or simply look at a specific Adobe product. Alternatively you can search by both year and product so you could look for an English resource for year 10 that uses Adobe Voice. There are more than 7500 teaching and learning resources on the site so you are sure to find something useful for the classroom.

The Professional Development area is one that we urge all teachers to visit. You can access more than 40 self-paced workshops that can be completed at any point in time. This area also has 16 collaborative courses where you can enrol and work with colleagues. There are links to past and upcoming courses.

There are also links to free webinars — usually one-off demonstrations by educators showing how they use Adobe products in their classrooms. You can enrol in upcoming webinars or access past events if you miss one. So far, more than 65 webinars have been provided on the website.

Discussion forums are another interesting feature for teachers. There are more than 2100 discussions one can access on a broad range of hot topics such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and STEAM — those subjects plus the arts, inspiring creativity.

The final tab is the Community area where you can connect with educators worldwide. The area also highlights some of the work being done by our colleagues globally.

All teachers should have Adobe Educational Exchange bookmarked on their school and home computers.

Bill Gillespie is an Adobe Education Leader and teaches at Elanora Heights Public School. Rosemary McDowall teaches at The Forest High School. They can be contacted at