Music Education Skills for the Primary Classroom

The course is for non-specialists

Online program — Musica Viva

Music Education Skills for the Primary Classroom is an online program offered by Musica Viva with the NSW Teachers Federation — Centre for Professional Learning (CPL).

Members are advised to register as soon as possible via the Musica Viva website.

This online program consists of five modules of 90 minutes’ duration each (up to 60 minutes video and 30 minutes application):

  • Introduction to the course, the value of music education, music skills — K–6 Creative Arts Curriculum
  • Musical concepts K–6 Creative Arts, pedagogical approaches: practical ideas for the classroom
  • How to develop music learning in the classroom, simple to more complex, encouraging creativity
  • Linking to other learning — General Capabilities, Cross Curriculum Priorities, use of technology
  • Bringing it all together — programming, scope and sequence development, resources in the community.

This course is a general introduction to music education in primary schools, aimed at non-specialists. Throughout the course a Musica Viva instructor will be available for questions. A forum will also be run to allow for classroom Q&As to be posted.

At the conclusion of the course, a Musica Viva instructor will finalise evaluations and provide feedback to participants. It is expected that participants will complete all modules and evaluations of each module to attain the maintenance of accreditation verification from Musica Viva.

Completion of Music Education Skills for the Primary Classroom will contribute 7.5 hours of QTC Registered PD for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

How to apply

  • The special rate for financial members of the NSW Teachers Federation for the program is $150.
  • A maximum of 35 Federation members will be eligible for the special rate.
  • Go to the Musica Viva website to apply.
  • Musica Viva administers and conducts the course. For all information please contact Music Viva.
  • Musica Viva is the endorsed provider for this module. This module is registered and accredited by the Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) for 7.5 hours.

Delivery dates: August 24 to October 30, 2015.

Enrolments close: August 10