Watch your inbox

Denis Fitzgerald
Editor, Journal of Professional Learning

The second edition of the Journal of Professional Learning, JPL, will soon hit members’ email inboxes.

The edition carries articles about the teaching of history and of mathematics, some outstanding resources for encouraging reluctant readers, a video introduction to the teaching of Shakespeare, a simple and practical approach to programming and methods and approaches to gain deep engagement in learning.

The edition is rounded out by major contributions from Dr Paul Brock, who distils a lifetime of thoughtful leadership and wisdom in public education with a powerful “Message to the Profession”, along with a brilliant empirical analysis of the My School website from Chris Bonnor and Bernie Shepherd that draws some startling and highly significant conclusions.

JPL is full of sound ideas for the classroom along with other research and reflections about teaching and enhancing public education. Contributors include exemplary classroom teachers, teachers in promotions positions and outstanding academics. A simple plain English approach is used for all articles.

The periodical is organised into three sections: For the Classroom, For the Staffroom and For the Future, reflecting the different emphases and needs of teachers at various stages of their professional lives.

The online platform allows JPL articles to include videos and links as a means of distributing teaching resources and ideas and future possibilities to support the professional development of union members in schools.

Many of the articles had their genesis in course presentations for the union’s highly successful Centre for Professional Learning (CPL).

Members can view the first edition of the JPL here. JPL will become a cumulative resource, building a body of work to assist teachers over the course of their careers. While at the website address Federation members can apply for Centre for Professional Learning courses, held at venues across NSW. Readers can also share JPL articles using a range of online sharing tools.