Workers comp inquiry push

Theo Bougatsas
City Organiser

Cameron Langford spoke of an unjust and inhumane system

The third anniversary of NSW government cuts to workers compensation was marked with a protest and barbecue in Parramatta on June 19.

More than 5000 seriously injured NSW workers have been cut off from weekly payments and 20,000 workers with long-term injuries have lost coverage for medical treatment. This is despite the WorkCover workers compensation scheme now enjoying a near $4 billion surplus.

Injured workers have also been placed on return to work schemes that do not work.

Christian Democratic Party leader Rev Fred Nile MLC plans to push for an inquiry to identify the hardships experienced by injured workers under the 2012 changes.

Injured worker Cameron Langford told the rally of his experiences before and after the workers compensation changes.

“I say to all workers, whether you are in an office or on a building site, some of you are going to end up in the NSW WorkCover system. Then you will find out firsthand what an unjust and inhumane system it is,” he said.

Injured worker Emily Orchard said seven times more money was spent to prove she was not injured in comparison to the treatment required to rehabilitate her.

Finance Sector Union National Coordinator Organising and Development Veronica Black said three Bills before the Senate would further deteriorate workers compensation rights in Australia.

Unions NSW’s website has further information on the campaign against the cuts to workers compensation.