Gonski funding success is 'indisputable'

Gonski stories are indisputable, powerful and must be shared with whoever will listen, Federation Executive member Natasha Watt told Annual Conference.

Ms Watt said Woonona High School’s Gonski money has been “cleverly spent on reducing class sizes and increasing curriculum choices in Stage 6”.

“The strategic spending of Gonski money has resulted in 48 per cent of year 12 students in 2014 achieving university enrolment with an additional 39 per cent of students furthering their tertiary education at TAFE,” she said.

“In total, 87 per cent of the 2014 HSC cohort transitioned into further education.

“This is a phenomenal increase of 57 per cent on pre-Gonski times!”

Ms Watt illustrated the power of sharing the successes of the needs-based funding model in the campaign to secure Federal Government funding for the fifth and sixth years of the Gonski agreement.

Ms Watt said Woonona High School’s Gonski stories were shared with the local MP, Sharon Bird, who read them out word-for-word in Federal Parliament the same week.

After sharing the stories with the school’s P&C, members of the P&C assisted with letterboxing Australian Education Union leaflets about Gonski.