March 16, 2015

Australia leads

Australian school students, particularly girls, have the highest use of computers for study, and Australian teachers are in front

Protest against detention

Putting children behind wire is an outrage, says Federation in wake of asylum-seeker report

The gift of 15 hours

Crucial that members campaign for 15 hours of pre-school education to help all children

Snapped in and
out of the classroom

Wade HS Tutorial Class makes vegie plots and learns a whole lot more than gardening

Our Fed Reps

Kris McGrane values the job because it exemplifies Federation's bottom-up democracy

Association spotlight

Warialda TA

Cost of working may rise for some teachers

Questions over Productivity Commission rulings on childcare

Trio of changes

New Women's Coordinator, Country Organiser and Education Editor

Gonski funds important priority for new team

Federation President Maurie Mulheron takes added role as AEU Deputy President, joining head Correna Haythorpe