Advance approval needed
for any additional job

Angela Catallo
Welfare Officer

Permission required for tradie work

Permanent and temporary teachers in schools and TAFE must seek annual approval from the Department of Education and Communities to work at another job.

This includes having another paid job within the Department (secondary employment) such as a TAFE teacher having hours at another Institute and a school teacher marking for OTEN or teaching for the Saturday School of Community Languages. It does not include marking the HSC or NAPLAN.

Private employment, working for another employer or yourself, also requires approval. It includes practising a trade, running a market stall, selling craft, jewellery or cooking, writing or editing books or articles, lecturing at a university, income from a family farm or holding office in local government. One of the most common is tutoring, and the Department has specific guidelines: for example, you cannot tutor students from your own school.

Teachers seeking approval for work at another job must fill out the Private and Secondary Employment Policy Application Form available at appendix 3 within the Private and Secondary Employment Guidelines (under P on the Policy and Procedures page of the Department’s portal) and submit it to their principal/supervisor.