$224 million pledge for executive release in primary schools

Gary Zadkovich
Deputy President

Federation will be campaigning to ensure the executive release is included in the schools teacher staffing entitlement

Federation welcomed Premier Baird’s announcement on 10 March that, if re-elected, a Coalition state government would spend an additional $224 million to further enhance the high standards of teaching and learning in public primary schools.

Federation has been campaigning for years to convince governments to fund the provision of executive release time within the primary school day for executives to work with colleagues on programs and practice to strengthen student achievement.

For far too long, primary executives have carried a full teaching load which provided no opportunity for them to support teachers and students during classroom lesson time.

The Coalition announcement includes few details on how this initiative would be implemented.

Federation will be campaigning, however, to ensure it would be delivered as executive release time in the school’s teacher staffing entitlement, as currently applies for secondary schools. This would redress a longstanding inequity between primary school executive teachers and their secondary school counterparts.

When combined with the additional release time for beginning teachers and the $17 million increase in teacher professional learning funds for schools that Federation negotiated in the current salaries award, this new funding would further strengthen schools’ capacity to meet the learning needs of individual students.