Retiring? Stewart House still needs you

If you are a regular donor to Stewart House and are thinking of retiring, congratulations and thank-you for supporting the scheme throughout your career and for contributing to the proud tradition of teachers sustaining public education’s charity of choice.

You have helped keep Stewart House’s doors open and assisted in providing a 12-day program for some 1800 children in need from public schools across NSW.

Your regular salary contribution to Stewart House will cease with your final pay from the Department.

With recent changes to privacy laws, Stewart House can no longer be made aware of Department employees seeking retirement and we have no way of contacting individuals. If you want to consider continuing your support for Stewart House during your retirement, there are three options available:

1.You can make a monthly contribution out of your State Super pension

2. Teachers Mutual Bank will arrange a fortnightly, monthly or periodic deduction from your account

3.You can provide Stewart House with your credit card details and instructions for a periodic deduction.

It is easy to sign up for any of these options through the Stewart House website

You may also contact Stewart House by email (marketing or call us on 02 9938 3100 (choose option 4).

Our School Liaison Officers have had great success signing new employees to the scheme when they visit school staff meetings but, each year, the program loses just as many employees to retirement as it signs up.

We have just over 11,300 employees in the scheme contributing $1.8 million annually. Our annual operating budget is more than $4 million and retirees contribute $140,000 towards this deficit.

Your support through a monthly donation would be greatly appreciated. Please visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with what is happening at Stewart House.

Amanda Bisset, Stewart House