Farewells and the future

Two long-serving Federation Officers Deputy President Gary Zadkovich and Deputy Secretary (Communication and Administration) David Wynne, are retiring this year. While both will be given individual retirement functions early in 2018, November Council showed their appreciation for decades of service. President Maurie Mulheron spoke of David establishing international best practice in training new generations of unionists and Gary fighting for staffing and permanency, achieving significant gains over successive negotiations, especially the recent IRC decision requiring thousands of permanent positions to be filled. Gary’s retirement coincides with the end of the presidential officers’ term. Elected unopposed were Maurie Mulheron as President and Joan Lemaire as Deputy President. After a ballot conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission, Henry Rajendra was elected Senior Vice President. Maurie Mulheron has also been elected unopposed as Australian Education Union Deputy Federal President. David Wynne’s retirement resulted in a by-election, with Nicole Calnan elected unopposed.