Eric Pearson study grant awarded

Mary Fogarty

Kelly Jesser from Lake Cathie Public School is the recipient of the 2018 grant

The recipient of the 2018 Eric Pearson Study Grant will seek to improve education for Aboriginal students.

Kelly Jesser, from Lake Cathie Public School south of Port Macquarie, will also examine schoolwide procedures for embedding and evidencing Aboriginal perspectives in teaching and learning programs.

There were 10 applications for the 2018 Eric Pearson Study Grant. After considering the criteria of relevance and benefit to the union, as well as the overall clarity of the proposal, the EPSG Restricted Committee unanimously decided to award the grant to Kelly.

Her study is aimed at improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal students through developing sustainable community engagement and cultural practices.

Kelly is Secretary of the Port Macquarie Teachers Association, a member of the Aboriginal Environments Research Centre and is also a Federation Councillor.