This year's Sam Lewis Peace Prize winners

Theo Bougatsas

Canley Vale Public School's class 1L is the overall winner of the 2017 Sam Lewis Peace Prize (worth $500), for its video submission.

Year 6 students from Byron Bay Public School won the 3-6 category, Sarah Haddad from Warrawong Intensive English Centre the 7-10 category and Vicky Shabani from Bossley Park High School the 11-12 cetegory. Each won $200. Monetary prizes of $100 were awarded to 11 entrants for 2nd place entries and highly commended prizes of $25 were awarded to a further five entrants.

The annual Sam Lewis Peace Prize competition takes entries in the form of pictures, poems, stories and other multimedia forms.

This year’s theme was “Give peace a chance”, emphasising the importance of working together to promote peace and the benefits this can bring to the natural and built environment (including communities). The 2017 entries again reflected a broad range of age groups and geographical locations and were of a high quality. Thank you so much to the efforts of many of our activists that promote this wonderful and long running competition that honours a great peace activist, Sam Lewis.

Special thanks goes to the Sam Lewis Peace Prize Committee, Janine Kitson, Darren Mearrick, Melina Ragusa, Marianna Valeri and Adam Curlis and the gracious assistance of Peter Wetzel.

I would not mention normally a personal anecdote but recently my son rather spontaneously stated to me “Dad, I am glad I live in Australia as we don’t have any wars” and that is the importance of this competition summed up so succinctly. As Sam Lewis always noted, war’s first victims are children.