Julie Moon

Information about the employment of temporary teachers in 2018 was issued through SchoolBiz on Friday, 24 November. This information is provided to school principals at the conclusion of each year.


One of the things principals are encouraged to do to ensure a smooth start to the 2018 school year is to submit temporary engagement forms for known 2018 engagements prior to the end of Term 4, 2017. This is to ensure temporary teachers are paid correctly and on time from the commencement of 2018.

Temporary teachers are employed against the length of the known vacancy, therefore if the teacher the temporary teacher is to replace is to be away for a year that is the length of the temporary engagement.

As part of the Staffing Agreement, a principal must certify the reason, under Clause 2.3, when a temporary teacher is appointed to a permanent position. This certification should be completed before the engagement notice is signed by the principal, or their delegate, and the temporary teacher.


The inclusion in the Staffing Agreement of the provision for longer-term temporary teachers to be appointed for up to three years was subject to changes to the Teaching Service Act. It was anticipated that this would be completed prior to the commencement of the 2017 school year. At present, this legislation is before Parliament and therefore has not yet come into effect. A principal who is seeking to employ a temporary teacher for more than 12 months should complete the necessary paperwork. Until the legislative changes are enacted, Shared Services HR can only process a temporary engagement for periods up to 12 months within the school year. Further advice will be provided to teachers as updates are available.


Temporary teachers are entitled to maternity leave where the anticipated date of birth of their child falls within a period of temporary engagement. Eligibility for paid maternity leave will be assessed in terms of the provisions in the Teachers Handbook.

Failure to offer a temporary engagement due to pregnancy constitutes discrimination. A pregnant teacher must be engaged for the full duration of the available employment and should contact Shared Services HR to discuss their entitlement to maternity leave. The engagement does not have to cover the entire period of approved maternity leave.


In 2017, through the efforts of the Federation, Beginning Teacher Support Funding (BTSF) became available to temporary teachers who met eligibility criteria. One of the criteria is that the temporary teacher must have a full year’s engagement, which is to be lodged with EdConnect by a specified date (for next year this is 5pm on 1 March 2018). If the temporary engagement is ceased, or reduced from the full-year engagement, the Department will recoup the funds from the school.

If temporary teachers have any questions about the temporary engagement they are being offered, they should ring Professional Support on 1300 654 367.

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