Workshops offer vital tools

Participants at a workshop learn how to lobby MPs

A range of workshops were offered to members attending Women’s Conference to support them in their classrooms, workplaces and communities.

Topics included lobbying MPs, professional conversations and the Performance and Development Framework, organising for equity through multicultural education, protecting your rights at work, resolving workplace issues, Workplace Committees, supporting LGBTIQ colleagues and standards-based pay.

Teachers left one workshop armed with information to help make their workplaces safer.

Participants were told that teachers can work together to demand that the Department provides the resources and training to keep students and teachers safe, using Department policies and the Work Health and Safety Issues Resolution Procedures.

They were stepped through the document and shown how procedures can be used to manage health and safety risks associated with workload and student behaviour, plus other school-based risks and hazards.

Participants at a workshop about how to lobby Members of Parliament

Powerful message: Van Badham addresses delegates at Federation's Women's Conference in Sydney last month