Vale Peg Parish

Peg Parish

The first member of Federation’s staff to receive Life Membership of died on 9 August.

Federation’s 1987 Annual Report stated that Peg regarded her Honorary Life Membership “not only as a personal honour but one which she wishes to share with all other members of Federation staff”.

She was admired for her commitment, efficiency and warmth towards other people. The Annual Report explained why Council had decided to recommend her for Life Membership stating: “Peg Parish joined the permanent staff in 1960. She has served as minute secretary for Executive, Council, Annual Conference and many other special conferences.

“As part of her duties, she has been personal secretary to several Presidents and General Secretaries during these years. She has also acted as Officer-in-Charge of the clerical staff on many occasions as well as voluntarily assisting with many other duties.”

Peg Parish has always displayed a strong personal commitment to the ideals of Federation and to the public education system. All Federation officers, staff and activists who will have come in contact with her would have great admiration for her commitment to the organisation.

— Max Taylor