Maths 5-8: Working Mathematically in the Middle Years

Professor Catherine Attard demonstrates a maths board game for the middle years

Playing games and participating in a range of other activities formed part of the agenda for a Centre for Professional Learning course, to demonstrate the theory of engagement.

Course presenter, Western Sydney University Associate Professor Catherine Attard, said that without engagement students can’t access learning.

Associate Professor Catherine Attard said that when students work in teams when playing games they think out loud and therefore build on each other’s mathematical strategies.

She champions working mathematically (problem solving, communicating, reasoning, understanding, and fluency) as a way to enhance students’ interest.

The course covered the foundations of engagement with mathematics, teaching problem solving and creating tasks that promote working mathematically.

Maths 5-8: Working Mathematically in the Middle Years will be offered again, at Ballina on 13 October and Newcastle on 27 October.

— Kerri Carr

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