Part of a great program

Lisa Jacobsen

Lisa Jacobsen at a protest regarding sexual assaults on university campuses

As part of my involvement in Federation’s Anna Stewart program I had hoped to build skills to better communicate to members and the wider community about the role and work of Federation, become more involved in campaigns and gain an insight into the structure of Federation.

It turns out, I was able to achieve all of my aims and many more through a range of experiences. I attended officer and executive meetings and sat in on restricted committee meetings and special interest groups.

Here I learned more about the specialised roles in our profession and gained a deeper understanding of the issues that affect our students and their future.

I accompanied organisers to a number of association meetings including the St George TA meeting to meet Linda Burney, the Member for Barton and the first Aboriginal woman to serve in the House of Representatives, a TAFE TA meeting to learn about the restructure, and a protest about sexual assults on university campuses.

I learnt more about the range of services offered to members including Federation’s library, where I did research on the issue of how to involve girls more in sport and mixed-gender teams.

This experience has inspired me to become more involved in Federation. I have many ideas to take back to my workplace and association.