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Changes to Maintenance of Accreditation at Proficient from January 2018

It seems to have been coming forever, but we are now just around the corner from all teachers in NSW being required to be accredited at Proficient. There has been a long wait for the pre-2004 teachers to come into line with the rest of the teaching service, which has been required to be accredited since the Teacher Accreditation Act was passed in 2004. Much uncertainty has surrounded what will be required of pre-2004 teachers in relation to maintenance practices, however, a document from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has been developed and outlines the requirements for all teachers come January 2018.

In summary, the new policy recognises the professionalism of teachers and makes it explicit that when making Maintenance of Accreditation decisions “The activities and practices that form the basis of this attestation will be comprised of processes that are in place in the school/service, and will not generate additional requirements for the teacher.” It then goes on to state: “While a teacher’s practice must meet all of the Standards in order to maintain accreditation, there is no requirement for a teacher to produce evidence for every Standard Descriptor through the professional activities and practices that form the basis of the maintenance of accreditation decision for Proficient Teachers.” To maintain accreditation teachers must:

  • demonstrate their practice continues to meet all of the Standards for the relevant accreditation level
  • undertake the applicable professional development requirements for their accreditation level
  • pay the annual accreditation fee
  • hold a current NSW Working With Children Check (WWCC) clearance.

No maintenance report

There will be some changes to how teachers maintain their accreditation at Proficient. In summary:

  • The policy recognises that there are a range professional activities and practices in the course of work that allow teachers to demonstrate their practice continues to meet the Standards.
  • Casual and temporary teachers are still required to do 100 hours of professional development (PD) over the seven-year maintenance period.
  • Minimum 50 hours must be registered PD. All registered PD is required to be evaluated on course completion (as is now the case).
  • Please note the first paragraph of Section 4: “Maintenance of Accreditation requirements — All teachers accredited at Proficient, Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher must maintain their accreditation. The requirement to maintain accreditation also applies to principals/service directors, in line with Section 3A of the Act.”
  • There is no longer a requirement to complete professional learning (PL) across all the Standards. Previously, teachers needed to cover all Standards and all Standard Descriptors in Standard 6.

Teacher Identified PL no longer needs to be verified

Teachers can still apply to have further tertiary study recognised for maintenance of accreditation.

Please note: when your accreditation period falls due prior to 31 December 2017, the existing accreditation processes need to be met, including a maintenance report.

Further information for pre-2004 teachers click here.

Julie Moon is the Officer responsible for casual and temporary teachers

Court action for casual and temporary teachers

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