Allowance calculator new feature on members' app

Nicole Calnan
Membership and Training officer

The member card app is available on Android and iPhone

Federation members can now access a number of new features using the member card app on their smart phones to assist their campaigning efforts and give them mobile access to member services.

Federation Officers often receive requests from members regarding the allowances they are entitled to as a result of working in a particular location.

A new feature of the app allows members to view the list of allowances they are entitled to at their current school.

This includes transfer points and other transfer-related information, hot/cold climate allowance, Socio-economic Isolation Group allowance, relocation subsidy, Teacher Employment Priority Scheme (TEPS) benefits and more. Members are also able to search the allowances for other schools, which is particularly helpful for those members relocating from one school to another.

The recent update to Federation’s Card Plus membership app allows Fed Reps and principals to use the app to check their school’s staffing entitlement.

The ability for NSW public education teachers to be employed on a permanent basis — regulated by the Staffing Agreement — was won thanks to the sustained campaigning of Federation members.

In 2012, Federation successfully fought off a push by the NSW government to include staffing costs in school budgets, a move that would have jeopardised teacher permanency. Federation is committed to ensuring that it maximise the number of permanently appointed teachers in NSW.

The member card app is available on Android and iPhone.

Nicole Calnan is the Membership and Training Officer