Wear it Purple Day

Mel Smith
Trade Union Training Officer

Schools and workplaces are being encouraged to celebrate diversity by Wear It Purple on August 25.

Last year schools recognised the day in various ways, including rainbow fun runs, guest speakers, purple/rainbow mufti days and painting school murals. Teachers Federation also celebrated Wear It Purple Day by organising a morning tea with a purple and rainbow bake off, resulting in fantastic creations.

While schools do need to ensure they follow Departmental requirements around variations to routine and the application of the controversial issues policy, they can continue to recognise and celebrate Wear It Purple Day. Schools could link the key ideas of WIP Day to broader lessons on diversity and difference, to foster safe and supportive environments.

Wear it Purple Day embraces and celebrates sexuality, sex and gender diversity. The youth led organisation believes that respect and acceptance is vital in developing a harmonious, equitable, accepting and supportive society. By celebrating Wear it Purple Day in 2017, the organisation believes people will be taking step to move forward as a fair and inclusive community as the day encourages all people to explore diversity, promote respect for one another and a sense of belonging.

Operations manager Naomi says, “By celebrating diversity, we are able to gain a new perspective on the lives of others around us, foster respect, unite, educate ourselves, appreciate others, have a sense of pride for the diversity in our environment, challenge our thoughts or beliefs, and most importantly, contribute to the creation of safe and supportive environments for all people, irrespective of how they identify.”

The three key ideas that underpin Wear it Purple Day in 2017 are:

1. Understanding difference leads to respect and acceptance.

2. Respect and acceptance help to build a harmonious and supportive world, where every person can be proud of who they are.

3. Projects or events run by young people in schools, by employees in workplaces, or individuals in their environments are an effective way to encourage and support mutual respect between people from different backgrounds or with different understandings, to create safer and more supportive environments for rainbow young people.

Wear It Purple Day events can be registered with the organisation here, at which time resources can be ordered to support your event.

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