Annual Conference 2017

Lessons suffer under bureaucratic workload

Kerri Carr

Teachers’ professional judgement will be the focus of a new campaign in response to the issue of work overload, Senior Vice President Joan Lemaire told Annual Conference.

“Our experience of burdensome, unnecessary work, bureaucratic and administrative work, is a reaction to the command and control mechanisms of accountability. This not only adds additional tasks, responsibilities, time and effort, particularly when the software systems are not functional, but they restrict and control aspects of the way we work, undercutting professional judgment and trust in the profession."

Federation will seek commitments from political parties for a reduction in face-to-face teaching to allow classroom teachers, executives and teaching principals the necessary time to support quality teaching and learning. This would include time for collaborative planning, programing, assessing and reporting. The reduction will also help meet mandatory training requirements, support professional learning and performance development activities, and develop support and strategies for students with additional needs.

The union wants a minimum lead time of one year for planning and preparation around significant changes. Federation will also negotiate with the Department for a process that will determine the educational value of an educational “reform”, and its workload implications, before implementation and incorporate an evaluation process of such reforms.

The union's campaign will be built around a research project being undertaken by Sydney University.

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