Gain TUT suite of skills

Mel Smith
Trade Union Training Officer

Have you considered being an office holder in your local Teachers Association? Trade Union Training (TUT) provides the knowledge for you to be confident in the role. Representatives from associations across the state recently attended Trade Union Training to develop skills to support teachers in their area.

Association officers including presidents, secretaries and treasurers were instructed on their integral role in the functioning of the union and taught communication skills, meeting procedures, financial accountability, and ways to increase recruitment and activism.

"I am more confident in my role," Loueen Adams, Secretary for Tweed TA, said following the two days of training. Participants were asked to consider their local context and how to engage members on topics that are central to them.

“I have practical ideas to take back,” Loueen said. She was excited that TUT seminars could be arranged in her area as logistical factors kept most of her Far North Coast members from attending TUT in Sydney.

While taking on an association officer role could seem overwhelming, support is available from Federation through training and from the local Organiser. Despite some members and Associations being in isolated areas there is always assistance available and the courses inform association office-bearers how to access that support.

“I really appreciated all the documentation that included sample motions, TUT courses and forms, and a checklist. This information absolutely confirmed that Federation is truly, fundamentally there for members,” Loueen said.

“I was also provided with further insight into the important role associations have in Federation. They drive the decision-making process and their input is valued.

“The opportunity to meet fellow members was a bonus.”

While Association Office-Bearers courses are only available once a year, TUT conducts a range of other courses for other elected Federation roles, most of which are conducted at multiple times throughout the year. They include:

  • Fundamentals for Fed Reps and Women’s Contacts (members of workplace committees are able to apply and will be included should space be available)
  • Communicating and Negotiating Skills for Fed Reps and Women’s Contacts (prerequisite to attend is completion of Fundamentals course)
  • Skills for Teachers Federation Councillor Representatives (Councillors and proxies to Council can attend this training to learn about the role of Councillor and the function of Council) .

See the range of courses on Federation's website.

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